Martin de Jager Yacht Design is a modern yacht design office founded in 1992. An experienced en enthusiastic team equipped with the most modern equipment works on a diversity of yachts and small craft.

Our goal is the design of beautiful, good sailing and reliable yachts. Martin de Jager Yacht Design is a full service company. If desired we can deliver fully developed building kit preparation, an interior building kit preparation or project management. We also provide consultancy, supervision or yard instruction services worldwide.

In the past years a portfolio of very diverse yachts and professional craft has been built. We also did restaurations on classical yachts.

Since 1992 more than 500 yachts have been built to the design of Martin de Jager Yacht Design, with a length from 6 to 40m. Within this range are some well known or remarkable yachts and crafts. The high-speed
Watertaxi in Rotterdam, the rescuetenders for the Holland America Line are examples of this. But also the restauration of the only Dutch 12 metre Class Zinita is a special project. We now have a number of Dutch clients for whom we have designed a range of yachts, such as Menken Maritiem or De Drait Yachting. These long term customers make us very proud.



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